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In his second volume on the Tudor navy, naval expert Angus Konstam covers the extraordinary transformation of the Tudor fleet during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. This period witnessed the birth of a whole new breed of warships designed to dominate the seas and expand the corners of the empire. Detailing warfare during the age of Sea Dogs such as Sir Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh, and the landmark event of the Spanish Armada, he explains the technological innovations that allowed this small but efficient navy to defeat the larger Spanish fleet. Packed with new research, in-depth analysis, photographs, full-colour reconstructions and detailed cutaway artwork, this book is a must for any lover of maritime history, and for anyone who wants to understand how Britain came to rule the waves, creating and retaining her supremacy across the seas throughout the age of fighting sail.

Tudor Warships (2) : Elizabeth I's Navy

Author: Angus Konstam

Title: Tudor Warships (2) : Elizabeth I's Navy

Series: New Vanguard

First Published by: Osprey Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 10 November 2008

ISBN-10: 1846032520

ISBN-13: 9781846032523




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