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This book covers the most significant naval actions of the second half of the 18th century, including major engagements from Quiberon Bay in 1759 to Lissa in 1811 and Trafalgar. It also describes single-ship actions, such as Quebec and Surveillante as well as Constitution and Java.

A fascinating account of the nature of naval warfare in the era of sail. The author looks at the organization and tactics of fighting at sea and then examines in detail a number of major engagements. Handsomely illustrated, a superb selection of line drawings, etchings, and other contemporary pictures graphically explore the theory and practice of naval combat in the period. Naval historians and enthusiasts as well as Nelson scholars will find this up-close examination of great interest.

Sea Battles in Close-up: The Age of Nelson

Author: David Lyon

Title: Sea Battles in Close-up: The Age of Nelson

Series: Sea Battles in Close-up

First Published by: Ian Allan Publishing


Format: HC

Date: 19 April 1996


ISBN-13: 9780711022836




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