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The Battle of the Nile, fought on 1 August 1798, was Nelson's first great victory and dealt a fatal blow to Napoleon Bonaparte's ambitious in the Middle East. But the battle itself was only the decisive event in a campaign of many months, upon the outcome of which depended the domination of the Mediterranean and the whole strategic situation in Europe.

In this book Brian Lavery places the Battle of the Nile in its full strategic context, showing the interplay of military and political factors that sent Nelson's squadron into the Mediterranean in pursuit of the powerful French invasion fleet. This was also Nelson's first independent fleet command, and the author shows the development of his command style and the forging of the esprit de corps which was later to triumph at Trafalgar.

It also provides a fascinating and detailed insight into the nature and conditions of naval war in the Age of Sail. from the strain felt by fleet commanders, isolated from higher authority and starved of information of the enemy, to the daily lives of the sailors and the tactics used in battle. All these strands of the story are brought seamlessly together to present the most thorough. detailed, fascinating and vivid account of the most decisive naval campaign of the French Revolutionary Wars.

Nelson and the Nile: The Naval War Against Bonaparte 1798

Author: Brian Lavery

Title: Nelson and the Nile: The Naval War Against Bonaparte 1798

Series: n/a

First  Published by: Caxton

Place: UK

Format: HC

Date: May 2003

ISBN-10: 1840675225

ISBN-13: 9781840675221




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