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Star cast of contributors, well-known on both sides of the Atlantic. All the most important naval figures of the period in one volume. Sheds much new light on the development of naval warfare in the Napoleonic era Although Nelson was the most prominent naval officer of the age, he was only the most successful of a outstanding group of commanders that led the Royal Navy to its unprecedented success in the wars of 1793-1815.

The contribution of his contemporaries has been neglected, however, largely because so few admirals have received proper modern study. This volume sets out to adjust the record by providing a series of in-depth biographical essays of the most important figures, each written by a well-known specialist in the field. Since every chapter was commissioned specially for this book, the coverage has been organised to dovetail perfectly, resulting in a coherent history of the art of command in the sailing navy at its apogee. At around 10,000 words, each essay is substantial and allows the author scope for both detail and argument. Each of the contributors is a recognized authority and the resulting book is largely based on original and unpublished research.

Following the pattern of the well-received Precursors of Nelson, this book is a major contribution to the naval history of the great French wars. It will become required reading for every historian of the period.

British Admirals of the Napoleonic Wars: The Contemporaries of Nelson

Author: Peter Le Fevre & Richard Harding (Editors)

Title: British Admirals of the Napoleonic Wars: The Contemporaries of Nelson

Series: n/a

First Published by:


Format: HC

Date: 15 September 2005

ISBN-10: 1861762062

ISBN-13: 9781861762061

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