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When you think of the great heroes of the 18th Century Royal Navy, you would probably think of Horatio Nelson, possibly Sir Sidney Smith; but would the name Sir Charles Douglas spring to mind? If it doesn't-it should.

Sir Charles Douglas played a pivotal role in many of the most important events of the late eighteenth century, and yet his name appears only in short passages and footnotes of works on naval history and the American Revolution.

In Fortune's Favorite: Sir Charles Douglas and the Breaking of the Line, the Royal Navy captain finally receives the attention he deserves for his part in the Relief of Quebec, the Battle of Valcour Island, his naval gunnery innovations, and the Battle of the Saints, including his contribution to the "breaking of the line" maneuver, which has been a subject of controversy for nearly two centuries.

Written by an American descendent of Sir Charles, Fortune's Favorite is the definitive work on this most extraordinary man.

Fortune's Favorite
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Author: Christopher J. Valin

Title: Fortune's Favorite: Sir Charles Douglas and the Breaking of the Line

First Published by: Fireship Press


Format: PB

Date: 29 October 2009

ISBN-10: 1934757721

ISBN-13: 9781934757727




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