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In 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte, who was all but Master of Europe, assembled a formidable expeditionary force at Toulon. While its purpose was unknown there was every reason to believe that Great Britain was its destination and the Nation was on invasion alert. The overwhelming British priority was for a fleet to be assembled and sent to the Mediterranean to destroy this threat before the French force could set sail. The burning issue was which of four Royal Naval flag officers should command this vital mission? The strong field in order of seniority was Admiral The Earl St Vincent, Rear Admirals Sir William Parker, Sir John Orde and Sir Horatio Nelson. The choice of Nelson who went on to win the Battle of the Nile provoked great anger and even a challenge by Orde for a duel, only prevented by the King's intervention. Nelson's and Orde's acrimonious relationship erupted in the months before the Battle of Trafalgar and is well documented in this fascinating book.

Nelson's Mediterranean Command

Author: Denis Orde

Title: Nelson's Mediterranean Command

Series: n/a

First Published by: D. A. Orde


Format: HC

Date: 29 August 1997

ISBN-10: 1858214939

ISBN-13: 9781858214931




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