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Silas Talbot became Captain of Constitution near the end of a dramatic, upwardly mobile trajectory from farm boy to colleague of the mighty, including Washington, Hamilton and Lafayette. A hero of the American Revolution on land and sea, Talbot was a Rhode Island Militia officer, a successful privateer, and a U.S. Navy Captain who saw action during the Quasi War with France. This biography by Professor William M. Fowler, Jr. of Northeastern University, based in large part on the collection of Talbot papers in the G.W. Blunt White Library at Mystic Seaport Museum, brings us the life of a plain citizen of the new republic -- a citizen whose bravery and energy helped to create it.

Silas Talbot: Captain of Old Ironsides

Author: William M. Fowler, Jr

Title: Silas Talbot: Captain of Old Ironsides


First Published by: Mystic Seaport Museum


Format: HC

Date: October 1995

ISBN-10: 0913372730

ISBN-13: 9780913372739




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