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Famed as a classic naval duel, a one-on-one clash between two sailing frigates offered the victor immeasurable fame and glory. During the War of 1812, the Royal Navy and United States Navy squared off in four such duels, the most famous that between the USS Constitution and HMS Guerrière. Ships and tactics between the two nations varied enormously, with the American navy favouring a revolutionary design of frigate, with twenty-four pounder guns and heavy structural timbers, while the British, used to fighting the French and Spanish navies, relied on smaller, eighteen-pounder frigates. Through first-hand accounts of these four single-ship actions and fascinating comparisons of artillery, crew ability and tactical achievements, this book offers an unparalleled insight into the ruthless reality of frigate battles in the War of 1812.

Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812

Author: Mark Lardas

Title: Constitution vs Guerriere: Frigates during the War of 1812

Series: Duel

First published by: Osprey Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 10 August 2009

ISBN-10: 1846034345

ISBN-13: 9781846034343




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