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This engaging study pits the the Byzantine dromōn against the Arabic shalandī in the prolonged struggle for mastery in the Mediterranean in the four centuries after 630 AD.

For four hundred years the Byzantine Empire's naval forces vied with the warships of the Islamic world for mastery of the Mediterranean. At the heart of this confrontation were the fighting vessels of the two powers, the Byzantine dromōn and the Arabic shalandī, both oared warships. In those four centuries of warfare between two major maritime powers, both the Byzantines and the Arabs left us records of their doctrine and tactics, as well as of how their ships were built. Featuring full-colour artwork and rigorous analysis from an authority on naval warfare, this enthralling book offers a glimpse of the long-lost world of war at sea in the age of Byzantium.

Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 630-1000 AD

Author: Angus Konstam

Title: Byzantine Warship vs Arab Warship: 630-1000 AD

Series: Duel

First Published by: Osprey Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 20 January 2015

ISBN-10: 147280757X

ISBN-13: 9781472807571




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