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This exciting new volume presents every ship in which Nelson served, in full detail, for the first time. Following a comprehensive background of each vessel, including the actions in which it participated, each ship's construction details and costs will be explored alongside any modifications that were made. The incidents that occurred while Nelson was on board each ship reveal an abridged version of his career and offer both the enthusiast and general reader an insight into the man himself.Fully researched and developed by one of the most well-known and respected Nelson historians, and heavily illustrated in part by Geoff Hunt, jacket artist for the popular Patrick O'Brien series, this will be an invaluable work for both the academic and enthusiast alike

Nelson’s Ships

Author: Peter Goodwin

Title: Nelson's Ships: A Comprehensive History of the Vessels in which he Served, 1771-1805

Series: n/a

First Published by: Conway Maritime Press


Format: HC

Date: 31 August 2002

ISBN-10: 0851777422

ISBN-13: 9780851777429




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