Cut and RunThis latest novel displays all the skill we have come to expect from Bond with the story, as usual, following members of the crew from various ranks, not just the officers.

The book has a fresh perspective in that we are soon aboard an 'Indiaman', a ship of the Honourable East India Company, and seeing life from the view of not just merchant seamen and officers but also passengers from various stations in life. The narrative follows the ship, Pevensey Castle, as it prepares for sea in the Thames, joins it's escort and then heads out into the Atlantic.

However that does not mean that we see any less action. Tom King and other familiar faces are soon in the thick of it and Bond's skill in describing life and action at sea is, as always, evident.

Cut and Run, and indeed all of the 'Fighting Sail' series is highly recommended.

Description of: Cut and Run

Author: Alaric Bond

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