True Colours

In his new novel, True Colours, Alaric Bond continues the story of the frigate Pandora and the members of her crew. We are also introduced to some new characters in a story that skilfully takes us through the traumatic events of the two great mutiny's at Spithead and the Nore, as well as Duncan's struggle to blockade the Dutch with little support.

Culminating in the tactical manoeuvring of the Admirals, through cameo roles, and the bloody Battle of Camperdown, this novel was hard to put down as we were taken from one event to the next. The lives of Bond's characters, from all levels of Pandora's crew, continue to develop throughout, some in unexpected directions.

I thoroughly recommend this book and can't wait to pick up the next in the 'Fighting Sail' series

Description of: True Colors

Author: Alaric Bond

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