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Julian Stockwin joined the Royal Navy when he was fourteen and went on to serve for eight years with the Royal Australian Navy, seeing active service with a carrier task force. He was one of the survivors of the collision between the aircraft carrier Melbourne and the destroyer Voyager, which sank taking the lives of eighty-two men. Julian retired a Lieutenant Commander and now lives in Devon with his wife Kathy, writing and travelling the world on location research.

He is writing a series of books about Thomas Kydd and his friend Nicholas Renzi. It starts in 1793 when Kydd, a wigmaker from Guilford, has been taken by a press gang.

Series: Thomas Kydd
Year  Book  Comment
1793 Kydd As a newly pressed landsman Kydd serves aboard HMS Duke William
1794 Artemis Kydd travels to China and across the Pacific aboard Artemis rising to become acting Quartermaster
  Seaflower Kydd is sent to the Caribbean where he is eventually promoted to masters mate
1797 Mutiny Kydd is involved in the Nore mutiny and the Battle of Camperdown following which he is promoted to Lieutenant
1798 Quarterdeck Kydd is a junior Lieutenant aboard Tenacious serving in Canada and becoming involved in the formation of the United States Navy
1798 Tenacious Kydd takes part in the Battle of the Nile
  Command Kydd is promoted to Commander of Teazer serving in Malta
1803 The Admiral's Daughter Kydd, back in command of Teazer as war breaks out again, shows interest in the Admiral's daughter.
  A Privateer's Revenge
(aka Treachery)
Kydd must leave the Navy in disgrace, but he is offered the command of a privateer.
  Invasion Restored to duty Kydd becomes involved with inventor Robert Fulton
1805 Victory Kydd is present at the Battle of Trafalgar
1806 Conquest Kydd joins an expedition to take Dutch-held Cape Town
1806 Betrayal Kydd joins Commodore Popham's attack on Buenos Aires.
  Caribbee Kydd faces a threat as the French imperil Britain's vital sugar trade.
  Pasha Kydd is sent to the Dardanelles
  Tyger Kydd is given a commission that some hope will destroy his career
1807 Inferno Kydd is at the Battle of Copenhagen
1807 Persephone Kydd must sail to Lisbon to aid the Portuguese Royal Family
1808 The Baltic Prize Kydd is called away to join the Northern Expedition to Sweden
1808 The Iberian Flame Kydd will soon face the greatest decision of his professional career
1809 A Sea of Gold The French fleet is massing in the Basque Roads in a near impregnatable position
  To the Eastern Seas Britain's ambitions turn to the Spice Islands, the Dutch East Indies
1811 Balkan Glory Kydd leads a squadron of frigates to the Adriatic.
1812 Thunderer Kydd is sent to reinforce the Baltic squadron
1812 Yankee Mission Kydd is given a mission: engage the US in a fair fight, frigate against frigate
  Sea of Treason Thunderer is sent to the remote station of Bermuda
Omnibus editions
  The Kydd Collection 1 Kydd, Artemis, Seaflower
  The Kydd Collection 2 Mutiny, Quarterdeck, Tenacious
  The Kydd Collection 3 Command, The Admiral's Daughter, Treachery
  The Kydd Collection 4 Invasion, Victory, Conquest
  The Kydd Collection 5 Betrayal, Caribbee, Pasha

AOS Other Non Fiction

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Year  Book  Comment
  Stockwin's Maritime Miscellany A Ditty Bag of Wonders from the Golden Age of Sail

The author’s official web site is julianstockwin.com

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