Artemis1794: Pressed into service in the old battleship Duke William, Thomas Kydd's introduction to the sea was harsh. And it was a world away from the hero's welcome he receives in Portsmouth after a ferocious victory over the French. But Kydd's jubilation is cut short when a family matter threatens to take him away from the life he has grown to love.

Returning at last to the crack frigate Artemis, Kydd and his mysterious friend Nicholas Renzi set sail. Their destination: the exotic east, where the rewards are great, and the risks even greater...

Author: Julian Stockwin

Artemis: Artemis

Series: Thomas Kydd

First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

Place: London

Format: HC

Date: April 2002

ISBN-10: 0340794755

ISBN-13: 9780340794753


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