Engage the Enemy

The year is 1777. Britain is engaged in an ongoing battle with the rebellious American colonies.

John Paul Jones, now a veteran of the American Navy, has been promised command of a new ship. But before he can do so he must journey to France to fight on the side of the revolutionaries. 

When he reaches the French border he realises his reputation has proceeded him. His American enemies have allied with the French aristocrats to stonewall every attempt to get him a command. Undeterred, and worried by rebellious murmurings among his crew, Jones sets out to bring the flames of war to the British coastline. 

Will Jones manage to defeat the British warships and raid the mainland? Or will his own crews' mutinous stirrings prove even more fatal than his attempts to Engage the Enemy?

Author: Christopher Kenworthy

Title: Engage the Enemy

Series: A John Paul Jones Adventure

First Published by: Endeavour Press Ltd.

Place: UK

Format: Kindle

Date: 23 September 2013




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