Hazardous Duty

Kinkaid with the Northern Fleet

Hazardous Duty finds Kinkaid in command of the 18-gun sloop of war, Ranger, tasked with scouting duties for the Continental Fleet in this third volume of the Jonathan Kinkaid Series. Braving not only the foul and frigid weather of northern waters, Kinkaid must contend with an inexperienced crew, a badly leaking ship, and personality clashes among senior officers; one of them being the bold and aggressive John Paul Jones, in command of the Frigate Alfred, not to mention trying to evade a strong and powerful British force that hopes to trap and destroy the fleet in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Author: Michael Winston

Title: Hazardous Duty

Series: Jonathan Kincaid

First Published by: Createspace


Format: PB

Date: 13 November 2012

ISBN-10: 1479341541

ISBN-13: 9781479341542


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