The Reaper1774: Captain Gilbert Anthony has a lot on his mind. He has just been decorated for extraordinary bravery under fire, been given command of the fourth-rate Drakkar, learned from his father's deathbed that he has a fully-grown illegimate brother and will soon be dispatched on a special mission chasing pirates in the Carribbean ... and that's just in the first fifteen pages! Honoring his dying father, the eponymous 'Fighting James Anthony,' Vice Admiral of the Blue, Gil takes his half-brother Gabriel into the ship's company as a senior midshipman. As Drakkar sails Captain Anthony soon realizes having his brother aboard might not be the family reunion he hoped for when he encounters the resentment of one of his officers, Lieutenant Witzenfeld. But the real conflict lies ahead with the menacing pirate raiders who must be captured to cease the depradations against peaceful English merchants. There Drakkar will find the feared pirate frigate Reaper and have her entire crew tested in savage combat.

Author: Michael Aye

Title: The Reaper

Series: The Fighting Anthonys

First Published by: Pisgah Review


Format: PB

Date: 30 Sep 2005

ISBN-10: 0972630341

ISBN-13: 9780972630344


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