TridentRecently promoted to Rear Admiral, Rupert Buck's flag flies aloft HMS Trident as his squadron is formed. Captain Sir Gabriel Anthony, England's latest hero, has been chosen as flag captain. What was to have been a routine mission has suddenly been changed by the Foreign Services Office.

American privateers have joined with the French to raid British convoys returning from the Indian Ocean. Buck's squadron has to immediately weigh anchor and rush to meet this new threat. A sudden crisis develops and Gabe finds himself thrust into command of the squadron. Follow the ships and men under Rear Admiral Buck's flag as they raid a neutral fort, battle the elements and face a powerful enemy with cannons blazing.

Author: Michael Aye

Title: Trident

Series: The Fighting Anthonys

First Published by: Boson Books


Format: Kindle

Date: 8 May 2014




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