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A provocative work, by one of the country's leading Nelson experts, this book has been hailed as an important addition to Nelson scholarship. Using the insights of new research, Colin White takes a fresh look at a key year in Nelson's life. In this enthralling review of the victory at Cape St Vincent, and the defeat at Tenerife, he challenges some aspects of the familiar story, and offers answers to questions that have long perplexed historians. It is an impressive demonstration of how modern scholarship can challenge the traditional view of Nelson, while still bringing his story vividly alive for a new generation.

1797: Nelson's Year of Destiny

Author: Colin White

Title: 1797: Nelson's Year of Destiny : Cape St. Vincent and Santa Cruz de Tenerife‎

Series: n/a

First Published by: Sutton Publishing


Format: PB

Date: 2001

ISBN-10: 0750926996

ISBN-13: 9780750926997



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