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The ultimate reference work on Britain's greatest admiral. Based on the latest research, and mush newly discovered material. Very well known author in the field Even after two centuries interest in Nelson shows no signs of abating. Indeed, new research continues to reveal previously unsuspected aspects of his life and career; while at the same time hoary old myths, like his wearing a piratical style eye-patch, doggedly persist. In this book an author who is a master of the subject sets out to answer any question about Nelson likely to be raised, either by a casual reference or in a more detailed study of the navy, the wars, or the social history of the period. Entries cover people, ships, places and events associated with the man, and extend to contemporary issues like changing interpretations of his actions and motivation. Arranged alphabetically and fully cross-referenced, every subject is accorded enough length for proper discussion, and each is followed by a suggested reading list for those wanting to pursue the topic further.

The book concludes with appendices devoted to a full bibliography, a chronology of Nelson's life and times, and a selection of significant documents, some previously unpublished. Finally, this outstanding reference book is rounded off with a careful selection of illustrations, many unusual and some new to all but the keenest aficionado. Not only an unrivalled companion to every aspect of his career, The Nelson Encyclopaedia is also an ideal introduction to the world of the Royal Navy at the pinnacle of its success. Already a success in hardback, this new paperback edition will coincide with the well-publicised events to celebrate the Trafalagar bicentenary.

The Nelson Encyclopedia

Author: Colin White

Title: The Nelson Encyclopedia

Series: n/a

First Published by: Stackpole Books



Date: 2002

ISBN-10: 0811700135

ISBN-13: 9780811700139



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