The third of a series of Buccaneer/gay romance adventures chronicling the relationship between Will, an emotionally wounded and disenchanted English lord, and Gaston, an insane and lonely French exile, set among the buccaneers of Port Royal, Jamaica.

1669. Wherein, we follow the continuing adventures of the buccaneer Will and his beloved matelot Gaston as they contend with children, reluctant brides, an estranged father, and threats against all they love and treasure.

Trouble arrives, when Gaston's father, the Marquis de Tervent, comes to Jamaica to find the son he exiled, forcing Gaston to reckon with his madness and make choices the men never imagined.

Plots are revealed, casting doubt on may they consider allies, and Will must make a decision that will change the course of their destiny and the lives of all around them.

Together, they must discover how to forge their own path through a wilderness of betrayal, traditions, and the demons of their pasts.


Author: W. A. Hoffman

Title: Treasure

Series: Raised By Wolves

First Published by: Alien Perspective


Format: PB

Date: 9 May 2008

ISBN-10: 0972109846

ISBN-13: 9780972109840




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