Troubled WatersSpring of 1800, and Captain Alan Lewrie, fresh from victory in the South Atlantic, is reckoned a hero on a par with Nelson in all the papers. Back in England, he's fitting out his new frigate, HMS Savage, the fruits of that victory, the largest and best-armed frigate he's ever commanded. But you can't leave Lewrie ashore too long without trouble arising.

A Jamaica court has tried him in absentia and sentenced him to hang for the theft of a dozen Black slaves to man his old ship, HMS Proteus. A crime, or was it liberation, as his London barrister argues? The vengeful slaveowner, Hugh Beauman, has come to London to seek Lewrie's end . . . with or without the majesty of the Law!

Author: Dewey Lambdin

Title: Troubled Waters

Series: Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures

First Published by: Thomas Dunne Books

Place: New York

Format: HC

Date: January 2008

ISBN-10: 0312348053

ISBN-13: 9780312348052


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