Dudley Pope

Dudley Bernard Egerton Pope (1925-1997) served as a merchant navy midshipman during WWII and in 1944 became a naval defence correspondent of the London Evening News. He went on to write carefully researched naval history and was urged by C.S. Forester to try his hand at fiction as he saw the younger writer as his literary heir. He  wrote two historical naval fiction Series.

The first is about Lord Ramage, the son of Admiral the Earl of Blazey who is out of favour. The son has a career dogged by the interference of his father's enemies.

The second is about Ned Yorke, the younger son of the Earl of Ilex. Persecuted by the Roundheads he becomes a Buccaneer

Series: Lord Ramage
Year  Book  Comment
1775   Born in St Kew, Cornwall, Son of the 10th Earl of Blazey
1788   Enters Royal Navy as Midshipman
1796 Ramage Junior Lieutenant on the Frigate Sibella Ramage is thrown into command of the sinking ship when his seniors are killed. He completes the mission but is Court Martialled
1797 Ramage & the Drum Beat Lieutenant in command of the cutter Kathleen takes part in the Battle of Cape St Vincent
1797 Ramage & the Freebooters
(aka The Triton Brig)
Lieutenant in command of the brig Triton solves the loss of local shipping in the Caribbean
1798 Governor Ramage R.N. Triton escorting a convoy is wrecked in a Hurricane. After going on a treasure hunt Ramage is Court Martialled again
1798 Ramage's Prize Without a ship Ramage investigates the losses in Packet ships sailing between Jamaica & Falmouth
1801 Ramage & the Guillotine Still unemployed Ramage goes on a spying mission to France to assess the threat of invasion
1802 Ramage's Diamond Newly promoted captain and given the frigate Juno Ramage sails to the West Indies & blockades Martinique
1802 Ramage's Mutiny Now commanding Calypso Ramage must recover a ship which was surrendered to the Spanish after a mutiny
1802 Ramage & the Rebels Ramage accepts the surrender of Curacao from the Dutch and defends it against a rebellion
1802 The Ramage Touch Now on a lone patrol in the Mediterranean, Ramage turns two captured bomb ketches against their former owners
1802 Ramage's Signal After quietly capturing a French semaphore station he uses it to divert an enemy convoy
1802 Ramage & the Renegades With the Peace of Amiens signed Ramage is sent to map a remote island where he finds ships illegally captured
1803 Ramage's Devil The newly married Ramage must escape from France and rescue some French nobles sent to Devils Island
1804 Ramage's Trial Escorting a convoy back to England Ramage encounters a mad captain and ends up Court Martialled yet again
1804 Ramage's Challenge Ramage is sent to the Mediterranean to rescue nobles interned when war broke out and finds his wife amongst them
1805 Ramage at Trafalgar Ramage plays a part in the Battle of Trafalgar
1806 Ramage & the Saracens Ramage defends Sicily against the Saracens
1807 Ramage & the Dido Given command of the Ship of the Line Dido Ramage sails for the West Indies

AOS Naval Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Life in Nelson's Navy An account of shipboard life in Nelson's navy
  England Expects
aka Decision at Trafalgar
An account of the Battle of Trafalgar and life and events in Britain and France in the years up to 1805.
  The Devil Himself:
The Mutiny of 1800
The story of the British crew of the Danae who mutinied and sailed the ship to France
  The Black Ship The story of the bloodiest mutiny in the history of the Royal Navy aboard HMS Hermione
  The Great Gamble:
Nelson at Copenhagen
An account of the battle of Copenhagen
  At 12 Mr Byng Was Shot His offence was nothing more than following the orders of his superiors

AOS Other Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Harry Morgan's Way
The Buccaneer King
The Biography of Sir Henry Morgan, 1635-1688

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: Ned Yorke
Year  Book  Comment
1655 Buccaneer Ned Yorke flees Barbados in his ship the Griffin and becomes a buccaneer
1660 Admiral Based in Jamaica Ned becomes admiral of all the buccaneers
  Galleon Ned sets out to capture a stranded Galleon
  Corsair Ned must defend Jamaica

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Ned Yorke
Year  Book  Comment
WWII Convoy Lt. Yorke must find out how German U-Boats are sinking merchant ships from inside the convoys
WWII Decoy Lt. Cdr. Yorke is ordered to obtain a new Enigma machine and its Hydra cipher from the Germans

Modern Era Naval Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  The Battle of the River Plate
aka Graf Spee
The final voyage of the German "pocket battleship" Graf Spee
  73 North The Battle of the Barents Sea 1942
  Flag 4 The Battle of Coastal Forces in the Mediterranean 1939-1945


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