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John Schettler has been writing and publishing professionally since 1980. John graduated from Loyola University with a degree in English (writing emphasis.) After graduation he served as a volunteer teacher for four years in Alaska where he taught native Eskimo students at St. Mary's Mission near the Yukon River delta, which inspired him to write the mystery thriller Steamboat Slough. During that time he also spent a year as Communications Director for the volunteer organization in which he served.

In 1989 he met Jonathan Paul, who became a long time business partner and associate. Together they founded The Writing Shop in Ventura California in 1991 to offer writing, desktop publishing and web design services for personal and business applications.

A prolific writer, John has also authored nine novels, including the award winning Meridian series, which won the Silver Medal for Science Fiction in Foreword Magazine's annual "Book of the Year" contest. (2002) John has also designed numerous historical simulation games in both the board and computer gaming industry, including four featured games for the industry leading magazine Strategy & Tactics.

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Kirov Series
Year  Book  Comment
  Kirov A strange accident transports the Kirov back to WWII
  Cauldron Of Fire Kirov becomes a renegade ship, trapped in the restricted waters of an inland sea
  Pacific Storm Kirov is stalked by the Japanese 5th Carrier Division
  Men Of War Kirov returns home to a changed world in the year 2021
  9 Days Falling Karpov confronts the US 7th Fleet in the Pacific
  Fallen Angels Karpov has drawn the attention of Admiral Halsey's powerful 3rd Fleet
  Devil's Garden Kirov has vanished in the midst of the final battle against the US Navy
  Armageddon The nuclear attack submarine Kazan must hunt Kirov
  Altered States The course of the war at sea has been radically altered when the Germans adopt Plan Z
  Darkest Hour Kirov heads north determined to meet the man that may have changed the course of history
  Hinge of Fate The Royal Navy must now rally to the defense of the embattled garrison at Gibraltar
  Three Kings The war effort on every side is focused on the Middle East
  Grand Alliance Fedorov struggles to forge an alliance of understanding between Kinlan and O'Connor
  Hammer of God Fedorov volunteers to lead a daring mission to secure key objectives near the ancient Roman city of Palmyra
  Crescendo of Doom Karpov has a moment that could change all history within his grasp
  Paradox Hour Kirov finds itself in one of the greatest naval chases of all time
  Doppelganger Plans for new weapons of war will appear, strange doppelgangers spawned from the legacy of Kirov
  Nemesis War continues on the Russian front as the Germans slowly begin to introduce new prototype tank designs
  Winter Storm Fedorov desperately tries to find allies on the ship, and gets a most unusual visit
  Tide Of Fortune In the Pacific, as Japanese planes begin their attack on Pearl Harbor
  Knight's Move Admiral Raeder turns loose his surface units to adopt a strategy of commerce raiding
  Turning Point Kaiser Wilhelm and Goeben have stumbled upon a prize of great value deep in the South Atlantic
  Steel Reign Yamamoto launches Operation FS to storm the Islands of Fiji and Samoa
  Second Front The battlecruiser Kirov has come upon a most unexpected challenger in the Pacific
  Tigers East A major engagement at sea north of Algiers decides the fate of the Western Med
  Thor's Anvil The crew of Takami returns to the South Pacific to meet with Yamamoto
There are 63 books in the Kirov series (at time of publishing) available via Amazon. I am no longer adding them to this site

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