Kirov Saga: Hinge of Fate: Altered States (Vol.3)

As Alan Turing pursues the baffling discovery of the strange cache of information code named Geronimo, Admiral Volsky sails to meet with the British on the Faeroes, bearing an offer of formal alliance between Soviet Russia and Great Britain. There Tovey learns the startling truth behind the mysterious ship that has haunted him all his life.

Sergeant Troyak's mission aboard airship Narva faces danger and mystery on the Stony Tunguska, even while elements of two other airship fleets converge on the inn at Ilanskiy—the hinge of fate.

Meanwhile, Hitler hopes to secure another vital ally so that he can breathe life into Admiral Raeder's long advocated Mediterranean strategy. It will begin with Operation Felix the assault on Gibraltar. As Britain steels itself for possible invasion, the Royal Navy must now rally to the defense of the embattled garrison at Gibraltar, England's Rock in the Med, another hinge of fate that could turn the entire course of the war should it fall. Opposing them are the three elite regiments of the German Army, and a resurgent Kriegsmarine led by a fearsome new gladiator, the Hindenburg.

The alternate history of WWII in 1940 continues in this exciting third volume in the Altered States segment of the amazing Kirov Series!

Author: John Schettler

Title: Kirov Saga: Hinge of Fate: Altered States (Vol.3)

Series: Kirov Series

First Published by: Writing Shop Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 13 March 2014




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