Hammer of God

The decisive battles of February 1941 on both land and sea present new challenges for the Germans and British. Fedorov meets with Wavell and Tovey when a plan to inform Churchill leads to a vital conference at Siwa. There the Allies plan the difficult campaign in Syria and Iraq, and Fedorov volunteers to lead a daring mission to secure key objectives near the ancient Roman city of Palmyra in the Syrian desert. Yet the Germans react with plans of their own.

Paulus has convinced Hitler not to abandon his Mediterranean strategy, and strong new reserves are ready to move to North Africa. The Germans contemplate their next move in the Mediterranean, and hope to press a two pronged offensive while continuing to build up forces for the next big operation, Barbarossa. In a meeting with Eric von Manstein, Hitler is convinced that he must solve "the Turkish question" if he is to proceed with his grand vision of conquest—Directive 32. He soon upsets OKWs careful timetable by sending Kurt Student's hunters from the sky to a most unexpected place.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Karpov is also in a most unexpected place, and confirms that the mighty airship Tunguska has indeed moved in time. Now he plans to use this sudden unexpected turn of events to his great advantage, but a simple chess game has him curious about possible threats to his own family tree.

The action and mystery abound in this action packed continuation of the amazing Kirov Series!

Author: John Schettler

Title: Hammer of God

Series: Kirov Series

First Published by: Writing Shop Press


Format: Kindle

Date: 9 September 2014




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