Kenneth BulmerWithin historic naval fiction Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005) is mainly known for his work under the pseudonym Adam Hardy.

Bulmer was born in London, married with one son and two daughters though he later divorced. He lived in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and was one of the most prolific authors of Science Fiction. He wrote hundreds of novels under more than a dozen pseudonyms. Among these was Richard Silver, under which he wrote a short series about pirates, the Captain Shark series, and Bruno Krauss under which he wrote a series about a u-boat captain, Seawolf series.

Written as Richard Silver

AOS Pirate Fiction

Series: Captain Shark
Year  Book  Comment
  By Pirates' Blood Sebastian Shark is a pirate captain in the dying days of the buccaneers
  Jaws of Death Shark escapes from Spanish captivity

Written as Bruno Krauss

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: Seawolf series
Year  Book  Comment
WWII Steel Shark U-42 was the deadliest steel shark in the sea
WWII Shark North A lone U-boat glides silently up a Norwegian fjord
WWII Shark Pack Wolz is determined to gain more sinkings than any other submarine
WWII Shark Hunt A lethal accident leaves Wolz adrift in the Atlantic
WWII Shark Africa U-55 provides support for Rommel’s campaign
WWII Shark Raid Wolz had been hand-picked to pioneer the Hecht
WWII Shark America U-451 prowls the American coast
WWII Shark Trap Wolz and his crew are living on borrowed time

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