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Douglas Edward Reeman (1924-2017) was born in Thames Ditton, Surrey, England. He joined the British Navy at 16, serving on destroyers and small craft during World War II and eventually rising to lieutenant. He has served as vice-president of the Missions to Seamen and as a script adviser for television and films. Under the pseudonym, Alexander Kent, Reeman is the author of the best-selling Richard Bolitho Novels. His books have been translated into nearly two dozen languages.

One of his series is about the Royal Marine Blackwood Family, and one of those books is set at the end of the Age of Sail.

Series: Blackwood Family - Books 2-5 are set in the Modern Era
Year Book Comment
1850 Badge of Glory Philip Blackwood takes command of HMS Audacious and is sent to Africa then on to the Crimean War
1900 The First to Land Captain David Blackwood is embroiled in the Boxer Rebellion
WWI The Horizon Jonathan Blackwood fights in the Dardanelles and Flanders.
1943 Dust on the Sea Captain Mike Blackwood serves in the Mediterranean
1970 Knife Edge Two Blackwoods serve in Malaysia

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1917 The Last Raider The Vulcan is a commerce raider, and under crack commander Felix von Steiger her mission is to bring chaos to the seaways.
1941 The Pride and the Anguish A gunboat and the two men who command her during the dark days of the fall of Singapore
1941 Rendezvous - South Atlantic S. S. Benbencula is turned into an armed merchant cruiser and Commander Lindsay knew this could be his last command.
1941 Strike from the Sea Soufrière, the largest submarine in the world, must be captured.
1941 Sunset HMS Serpent's company refuse to accept the anguish of defeat and surrender to a merciless enemy.
1942 Killing Ground HMS Gladiator fights in the Battle of the Atlantic.
1943 To Risks Unknown HMS Thistle and her commander, John Crispin, from North Africa, spearhead the Allied advance into the Adriatic
1943 His Majesty's U-Boat
(aka Go in and Sink!)
A captured German U-boat is used as a spy ship in the Mediterranean.
1943 The Destroyers Eight ageing destroyers must fight again in the icy North Atlantic.
1943 Winged Escort Fighter pilot Tim Rowan, RNVR, joins the escort carrier, Growler, which takes him to the Arctic and the Indian Ocean.
1943 Torpedo Run A small flotilla of motor torpedo boats is sent to the Black Sea
1943 The Volunteers The Royal Navy's Special Operations units carry out lightning raids on hostile coasts.
1943 In Danger's Hour The Rob Roy must spearhead the Allies' desperate invasion of Italy.
1943 Battlecruiser As Britain prepares to invade occupied Europe, HMS Reliant will be thrown head fist into the conflagration.
1943 The Glory Boys A newly formed flotilla of motor torpedo boats is based at Malta.
1944 With Blood And Iron Rudolf Steiger commands a U-boat flotilla
1944 A Ship Must Die The British light cruiser Andromeda must seek out a heavily armed German commerce raider.
1944 The Iron Pirate The Nazi heavy cruiser Prinz Luitpold is fighting for her life in a desperate race across the Atlantic.
1944 A Dawn Like Thunder The two-man torpedo - the chariot - is the ultimate weapon in a Southeast Asia.
WWII A Prayer for the Ship Sub-Lt. Clive Royce is newly assigned to MTB 1991 to take the place of their dead first lieutenant.
WWII Dive in the Sun HM Midget Submarine XE 51 must destroy a German floating dock.
WWII Surface with Daring Midget submarine EX 16 must attack on a secret Nazi rocket installation.
WWII For Valour HMS Hakka must defend to the death the vital convoys to Russia.
WWII Twelve Seconds to Live The mine is an impartial killer and a lethal challenge to any volunteer in the Special Counter- measures of the Royal Navy.
1945 The White Guns The war in Europe is at an end, but for the crew of MGB 801 it is an uneasy, unsettled peace.
1967 The Deep Silence Nuclear submarine HMS Temeraire is ordered to the Far East to reinforce the fleet against a threat from Red China.
1969 The Greatest Enemy 25 years ago HMS Terrapin was in the Battle of the Atlantic. Now she is working out her last commission .
  Send a Gunboat River gunboat HMS Wagtail and Cdr. Justin Rolfe at the end of their careers must rescue the British community from the offshore island of Santu threatened with invasion.
  H.M.S. Saracen The career of monitor H.M.S. Saracen in both World Wars
  Path of the Storm USS Hibiscus faces a challenge as the weather worsens

Modern Era Other Non Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  Against the Sea True adventures of some of the men and women who have stood up to the challenge and hazards of the oceans

Modern Era Other Nautical Fiction

Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
  High Water With his own boat a former naval officer recieves a profitable, if legally dubious, proposition
  The Hostile Shore With the Japenese invasion of Singapore, everything that could float was pressed into service

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