1799 Sept 1799. Pegasus returns home and Courtenay finds himself facing a Court-martial on trumped up charges, and is honourably acquitted. After a short leave in Scotland, where he takes temporary charge of a sloop and disposes of a French Privateer, he is sent to join a Squadron blockading Malta. At home, a pregnant Lady Jessica faces a kidnapping attempt. Courtenay takes part in a land action against the Spanish port of Ferrol, where he is badly wounded. Fully recovered, he is back at sea when ordered to join the Fleet which is to take part in the Battle of Copenhagen, in which his ship is to play a major part. HMS Pegasus

Author: Brian Withecombe

Title: HMS Pegasus

Series: Giles Courtenay

First Published by:


Format: Kindle

Date: 25 April 2013






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