January 1809, and the British Government is about to take Martinique, in the West Indies, away from its French masters. The French know this, and plan to send more ships and men to help defend the Island, but from where when all the main French ports are blockaded? The Admiralty learns of these plans and Admiral Lord Crompton forms a 'flying squadron' under Vice-admiral Channer, with Giles Courtenay as Flag-captain, to be ready to follow any French break-out and destroy the ships. The French gain a head start but they are pursued all the way to the Caribbean, where they arrive too late because the Island has already fallen, but the French squadron disappears and it falls to Courtenay and his Admiral to hunt for them among the Islands of the Caribbean. In the end the two squadrons finally meet among the Islands of the Isle des Saintes, where the French suffered a serious defeat many years before.

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Author: Brian Withecombe

Title: Tempest

Series: Giles Courtenay

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Format: Kindle

Date: 10 December 2015





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