Brian Withecombe

Brian Withecombe writes mostly about a Napoleonic Wars figure he created called Giles Courtenay. He is a partly retired Solicitor, hoping to retire fully in the not too far distant future. He is married to Maureen, who is also his long suffering Secretary in his firm, and who assists with editing (and criticising where appropriate) his books.

Series: Giles Courtenay
Year  Book  Comment
  The Claymore Giles Courtenay joins the Claymore, a 74 gun ship of the line, as a Midshipman
1794 Courtenay and The Seagull Courtenay is appointed First-lieutenant of the handy 22-gun sloop-of-war Seagull
1795 The Seagull and Le Corsair Courtenay is promoted to command Seagull to assist with the fight against Le Corsair a particularly vicious pirate
  Aphrodite's Quest A duplitious Admiral makes it appear Courtenay has deserted his post in search of prize money
1798 Amazon at the Nile Courtenay is about to take command of a new, powerful frigate
  The Winged Avenger Courtenay plans to recapture his former command, the frigate Aphrodite
1799 HMS Pegasus Pegasus returns home and Courtenay finds himself facing a Court-martial
1801 The Greek Warrior The Peace of Amiens is signed and Courtenay is sent on a mission to the Barbary Coast
  Return of the Warrior Courtenay is sent to assist the islanders of Santo Domingo in their uprising
1805 The Scotsman Courtenay is given command of the 80-gun Argyll and ordered to join Nelson's Fleet in the Mediterranean
1806 Argyll's Flag Courtenay is promoted Flag-captain for a mission to chase a French squadron
1809 Tempest The British Government is about to take Martinique
1811 Tempest in the East Indies Tempest must proceed, with the squadron, on a mission to the Dutch East Indies
1811 Tempest and the Guerillas Courtenay is asked to join a squadron off Lorient
1813 Courtenay's Pendant Courtenay is given a Squadron of frigates to seek out the USS Revere and to destroy her
  The Bulldog Breed (No description available)

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