Independent Action

The Jonathan Kinkaid Series is a meticulously researched, nautical fiction, action-adventure trilogy. Each book is based on actual events; each takes us to a different theatre of the war at sea during the American Revolution.

Jonathan Kinkaid in the North Atlantic

Jonathan Kincaid finds himself serving as First Lieutenant aboard the American frigate Randolph of 32 guns, blockaded in the port of Philadelphia during the winter of 1776-77. Tasked with orders to undertake "independent action" in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic against a mighty British convoy, she manages to elude enemy warships long enough to transform her crew-from the crusty boatswain O'Toole to the teenage midshipman Billy Weatherby-into an effective fighting force. The "Lucky Randy" takes a number of important prizes until her luck runs out in a surprise meeting with His Majesty's Royal Navy frigate Gaspee. After suffering untold horror aboard a rotting prison hulk in New York harbor, our heroes make a bold escape to become involved in the daring Sag Harbor raid and then fight a climactic sea battle against a superior force before winning their right to return home.

A story of the fury of the sea and the waste of war, of brave but fallible men and boys who find themselves in dire straights, of history and the building of character, "Independent Action" is fast-paced, old-fashioned, high seas adventure at it's very best.

Author: Michael Winston

Title: Independent Action

Series: Jonathan Kincaid

First Published by: Amer Book Pub


Format: PB

Date: February 2001

ISBN-10: 1930586973

ISBN-13: 9781930586970


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