Michael Winston

Michael Winston was born in Germany to a WWII American soldier and German mother who served in the Luftwaffe as a spotter along the Rhine and spent his first 18 years on various American Army bases in U. S. and Europe. He served in U. S Navy and obtained a BA in Anthropology from Ithaca College and MSW from Syracuse University. He has worked in VA clinic and then in U.S. Army psychiatric clinic in Germany for Dept. of Defense and is also an accomplished artist who does his own covers.

Series: Jonathan Kincaid
Year  Book  Comment
1776 The Lake War: Kinkaid with the Inland Fleet Kinkaid is sent to advise Benedict Arnold on the building and fighting of an inland fleet
  Independent Action Kincaid serves as First Lieutenant aboard the American frigate Randolph
  Uprising Kinkaid is given command of his own ship, Swift, of sixteen guns
  Hazardous Duty Kinkaid is tasked with scouting duties for the Continental Fleet
  Tidings of Victory Kinkaid takes the news of victory at Saratoga to Benjamin Franklin
  The Treasure Ship: Kinkaid and the Alliance Kinkaid is given command of America's premier warship, the 40-gun frigate Alliance


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