The year is 1917. After three years, the outcome of the Great War is poised on a knife-edge.

One man believes he can make a difference. David Cochrane Smith, the captain of the armoured cruiser HMS Thunder, is patrolling off the coast of South America. He has attacked and sunk the Gerda, a neutral ship in a neutral port.

He is labelled as mad man. Smith already has a reputation as a maverick. Now he faces professional ruin as he is called to account for the sinking. But he is certain he was right. He is sure the Gerda was one of two ships masquerading under neutral flags that are in fact supply ships for the German warships, Kondor and Wolf.

These two superbly equipped German warships threaten to annihilate British shipping on the Pacific seaboard. Only an outdated cruiser and a young captain who is prepared to break all the rules stand in their way...

As the battle draws to a climax, the battered HMS Thunder will be facing trials fiercer and more terrifying than any yet witnessed at sea.

Thunder at Dawn

Author: Alan Evans

Title: Thunder at Dawn

Series: David Cochrane Smith

First Published by: Hodder & Stoughton


Format: HC

Date: July 1978

ISBN-10: 0340227621

ISBN-13: 9780340227626




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