Alan Evans (1930- ) was born Sunderland, UK. He is an enthralling writer of First and Second World War adventure thrillers, mainly based on naval battles. Carefully researched, and with his own experience of active service, he skilfully evokes the tension and terror of war. Many of the figures and events are based on real-life models.

Modern Era Naval Fiction

Series: David Cochrane Smith
Year  Book  Comment
1917 Thunder at Dawn Smith has attacked and sunk the Gerda, a neutral ship in a neutral port
1917 Ship of Force Smith uncovers what he believes is a deadly plot against Britain from a dying German sailor
1917 Dauntless Smith must elude the U-boats and sink a heavily armed enemy cruiser
1917 Seek Out and Destroy The Imperial German Navy has sent the mighty new battle cruiser Salzburg in the Adriatic
1918 Audacity Smith is captain of Audacity, a Q ship, no more than a lightly armed disguised tramp steamer
1939 Orphans of the Storm Smith, an intelligence officer, is sent on an assignment
1940 Sink or Capture! Smith believes his daughter Sarah is one of the prisoners in the hold of Altmark
Series: n/a
Year  Book  Comment
1942 Deed of Glory Smith has attacked and sunk the Gerda, a neutral ship in a neutral port
WWII Eagle at Taranto Mark Ward has left the Royal College of Music to start flying planes for the Swordfish battalion
1941 Night Action A man of vital importance to the war effort has been captured
1943 Sword at Sunrise A naval adventure set during the historic events of D-Day.

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