Honor BoundIt's June, 1888. Cmdr. Peter Wake, U.S. naval intelligence agent, is in Florida culminating an espionage mission to learn Spain's naval readiness in Cuba. A woman from his past shows up, begging him to find her missing son, and Wake sets off across Florida, through the Bahamian islands, and deep into the dank jungles of Haiti. His band includes a Smithsonian ethnologist, a Bahamian Seminole sailor, Russian spies, and a Polish-Haitian soldier. Overcoming storms, mutiny, and shipwreck, Wake discovers the hidden lair of an anarchist group planning to wreak havoc around the world--unless he stops it.

Author: Robert N. Macomber

Title: Honor Bound

Series: Honor (Peter Wake)

First Published by: Pineapple Press


Format: HC

Date: May 2011

ISBN-10: 1561644935

ISBN-13: 9781561644933


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