Ramage and the Dido1807: Their Lordships of the Admiralty have seen fit to make Lord Nicholas Ramage the youngest captain of a ship of the line since Nelson himself. His new vessel is the most formidable war machine in the British Navy, carrying enough weight of metal to sink a frigate with a single broadside, and arms capable of cutting down enemy seamen like a scythe through grass.

Accompanied by his faithful old crew, Captain Ramage sets out for the West Indies. But before he reaches the Caribbean he runs into a storm of trouble. The Dido is a powerful weapon: if he is to survive his first mission as captain, he must learn to use her destructive capabilities to the full.

Author: Dudley Pope

Title: Ramage and the Dido

Series: Lord Ramage

First Published by: Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 1989

ISBN-10: 0436377586

ISBN-13: 9780436377587



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