BuccaneerIn the 1650s the Spaniards consider the Caribbean their private sea - but England, France and Holland are determined to keep it open. These are the days of piracy and bitter fighting as galleons struggle home with cargoes of gold and silver.

Ned Yorke is one of the few Royalist planters in Barbados - outnumbered, hated and harried by their Roundhead rivals. Cromwell has already confiscated the family estate in England, and now the Barbados estate is being seized. It seems destined to go to the sadistic, rum-swilling husband of Aurelia, the woman Yorke loves and will carry to freedom.

Yorke has a small ship and a loyal crew. But they have thousands of miles to sail and no safe refuge hunted by Roundheads and Spanish alike.

Author: Dudley Pope

Title: Buccaneer

Series: Ned Yorke

First Published by: Martin Secker & Warburg Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 1981

ISBN-10: 0436377403

ISBN-13: 9780436377402


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