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Arctic Treachery

The Corvette1803: Rewarded by promotion for his services at the Battle of Copenhagen, Commander Drinkwater is dispatched in haste to replace the captain of the Melusine, who has been shot in a duel. The ship sails as an escort to a whaling fleet on its annual expedition to the Greenland Sea in pursuit of right whales. During the whale hunt the loss of one of the vessels sets off a chain of misfortune. Disaster, death and treachery result. To repair his ship, Drinkwater seeks shelter off the Greenland coast and finds more hazards than the Arctic alone can produce. It is here that Drinkwater makes the most difficult decision of his career.

Author: Richard Woodman

Title: The Corvette

Series: Nathaniel Drinkwater

First Published by: John Murray Publishers Ltd


Format: HC

Date: 25 April 1985

ISBN-10: 0719541972

ISBN-13: 9780719541971


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