Light Upon the Waters: The History of Trinity HouseTo commemorate 500 years of its foundation when it was granted a charter by Henry VIII in 1514 the Corporation of Trinity House, London, is publishing its history.

This definitive history of Trinity House is published as a hardback, large format book (230mm wide x 297mm high), with over 300 pages and a full-colour dust jacket. It is illustrated with over 300 colour and mono images. This large format book delivers a fine illustrated history of Trinity House and calls upon the strengths of two experts in their respective fields: Captain Richard Woodman and Captain Andrew Adams. Captain Adams was a boy seaman when he joined Trinity House in 1963. During his over 40 year career he gained a wide experience afloat, becoming Chief Pilot in the Port of Harwich, and an RNR Captain and Nautical Adviser. His contribution to this book derives from his interest in a knowledge of the history of pilotage. He is a Younger Brother of Trinity House. Captain Woodman went to sea aged 16 and served in cargo-liners and Ocean Weather Ships before spending more than 30 years with Trinity House, several in command afloat and ashore. He was elected an Elder Brother in 2006. He is a keen yachtsman and an award-winning author with over 50 published works to his credit.

Author: Andrew Adams & Richard Woodman 

Title: Light Upon the Waters: The History of Trinity House 1514-2014


First Published by: The Corporation of Trinity House


Format: HC

Date: 1 September 2013

ISBN-10: 0957599102

ISBN-13: 9780957599109


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