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On this page I have set out the timeline (where it is given or can be established) for the various books set during the period from 1810 to 1819

For context actual historic events have been added below in italics.

Year Book Series
1810 A Ship of the Line Horatio Hornblower
  Hornblower's Charitable Offering Horatio Hornblower 
  Flying Colours Horatio Hornblower
  A Press Of Canvas Isaac Biggs
  The Lee Shore  
  Active's Measure Pennywhistle Series
1811 For My Country's Freedom Richard Bolitho
  Desolation Island Jack Aubrey
  The Flying Squadron Nathaniel Drinkwater
  The Seeds of War Fighting Sail
  Balkan Glory Thomas Kydd
1812 War between UK and United States  
  The Commodore Horatio Hornblower
  Hornblower and His Majesty Horatio Hornblower
  The Fortune of War Jack Aubrey
  The Captain from Connecticut  
  The Yankee Privateers and Gentlemen
  Clear for Action!  
  Letter of Marque  
  True Colors Henry Stapleton
  The Perfect Wreck - Old Ironsides and HMS Java: A Story of 1812  
  No Sacrifice Too Great Cutler Family Chronicles
  Thunderer Thomas Kydd
  Yankee Mission Thomas Kydd
1813 Cross of St. George Richard Bolitho
* The Surgeons Mate Jack Aubrey
* The Ionian Mission Jack Aubrey
* Treasons Harbour Jack Aubrey
* The Far Side of the World Jack Aubrey
* The Reverse of the Medal Jack Aubrey
* The Letter of Marque Jack Aubrey
* The Thirteen Gun Salute Jack Aubrey
* The Nutmeg of Consolation Jack Aubrey
* Clarissa Oakes Jack Aubrey
* The Wine-Dark Sea Jack Aubrey
* The Commodore Jack Aubrey
  Beneath the Aurora Nathaniel Drinkwater
  A Fine Tops'l Breeze Isaac Biggs
  Eye of the Cannon  
  The Fleet in the Forest  
  Action Starboard  
  The Cove of Cork Donal Long
  Courtenay's Pendant Giles Courtenay
1814 Lord Hornblower Horatio Hornblower
  The Yellow Admiral Jack Aubrey
  The Shadow of the Eagle Nathaniel Drinkwater
  The Evening Gun Isaac Biggs
  The Macedonian Privateers and Gentlemen
  On the Barbary Coast Fighting Sail
1815 Napoleon escapes from Elba  
  Sword of Honour Richard Bolitho
  Second to None Adam Bolitho
  Relentless Pursuit Adam Bolitho
  The Hundred Days Jack Aubrey
  Blue at the Mizzen Jack Aubrey
  A Ship for Mr Fitton Michael Fitton
1816 The Barbary Run John Lawson
1817 Man of War Adam Bolitho
1818 Heart of Oak Adam Bolitho
  Hornblower in the West Indies Horatio Hornblower
1819 In the King's Name Adam Bolitho
(* whilst not logical all these books are set in 1813)


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