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On this page I have set out the timeline (where it is given or can be established)  for the various books set after 1819 which includes the period of transition to steam

For context actual historic events have been added below in italics.

Year Book Series
1820 Gurney's Revenge (aka Sea Devil) George le Fanu Gurney
1825 The Black Bloodhound  
  Mathew Jelbert The Continuing Voyages of HMS Surprise
  The Tears of Despair The Continuing Voyages of HMS Surprise
1828 Gurney's Release George le Fanu Gurney
1840 Hornblower and the Journey Home Hornblower's Legacy
1842 The Somers Mutiny  
1843 Ebb Tide Nathaniel Drinkwater
1847 Killigrew R. N. Kit Killigrew
1848 The Last Encounter Horatio Hornblower
1849 Killigrew and the Golden Dragon Kit Killigrew
1850 Killigrew and the Incorrigibles Kit Killigrew
1852 Killigrew and the North-West Passage Kit Killigrew
1853 The Valiant Sailors Phillip Hazard
1854 Killigrew's Run Kit Killigrew
  The Brave Captains Phillip Hazard
  Hazard's Command (Black Sea Frigate) Phillip Hazard
1855 Hazard to the Rescue (Hazard in Circassia) Phillip Hazard
  Victory at Sebastopol Phillip Hazard
1861 American Civil War starts Kit Killigrew
  Glory in the Name Samuel Bowater
  Fire on the Waters  
  A Country of Our Own  
  Southern Seahawk The Seahawk Trilogy
  Blockade Runner  
1862 Thieves of Mercy Samuel Bowater
  That Anvil of Our Souls  
  Terry's Trials and Triumphs  
1863 At the Edge of Honor Honor (Peter Wake)
1864 Point of Honor Honor (Peter Wake)
  Honorable Mention Honor (Peter Wake)
1865 Woven With the Ship  
1869 A Dishonorable Few Honor (Peter Wake)
1873 An Affair of Honor Honor (Peter Wake)
1879 A Different Kind of Honor Honor (Peter Wake)
1883 The Honored Dead Honor (Peter Wake)
1886 The Darkest Shade of Honor Honor (Peter Wake)
1888 Honor Bound Honor (Peter Wake)
1889 Honors Rendered Honor (Peter Wake)


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