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On this page I have set out the timeline (where it is given or can be established)  for the various books set during the period from 1800 to 1809

For context actual historic events have been added below in italics.

Year Book Series
1800 The Inshore Squadron Richard Bolitho
  Master & Commander Jack Aubrey
  The Bomb Vessel Nathaniel Drinkwater
  Cut and Thrust George Abercrombie Fox
  Boarders Away George Abercrombie Fox
  The Fireship George Abercrombie Fox
  Troubled Waters Alan Lewrie
  The English Captain "Cocky" Penhaligon
  Peter Raven Under Fire Peter Raven
1801 Battle of Copenhagen  
  A Tradition of Victory Richard Bolitho
  Lieutenant Hornblower Horatio Hornblower
  Ramage & the Guillotine Lord Ramage
  Prison Ship Sam Witchall
  The Baltic Gambit Alan Lewrie
  The Night Attack Nathaniel Drinkwater
  Blood Beach George Abercrombie Fox
  Sea Flame George Abercrombie Fox
  Close Quarters George Abercrombie Fox
  The Greek Warrior Giles Courtenay
  The Shores of Tripoli Putnam's Navy
1802 Post Captain Jack Aubrey
  Ramage's Diamond Lord Ramage
  Ramage's Mutiny Lord Ramage
  Ramage & the Rebels Lord Ramage
  The Ramage Touch Lord Ramage
  Ramage's Signal Lord Ramage
  Peace of Amiens  
  Ramage & the Renegades Lord Ramage
  Success to the Brave Richard Bolitho
  Floating Gold Oliver Quintrell
1803 Colours Aloft Richard Bolitho
  The Corvette Nathaniel Drinkwater
  Hornblower & the Hotspur Horatio Hornblower
  Ramage's Devil Lord Ramage
  So Near, So Far Richard Delancey
  Mr Fitton's Commission Michael Fitton
  The Greater The Honor Oliver Baldwin
  The Admiral's Daughter Thomas Kydd 
  King, Ship & Sword Alan Lewrie
  The Tainted Prize Oliver Quintrell
  David Porter, Philadelphia & The Barbary Pirates Jack M. D. Owen
  Upon the Malabar Coast Alexander Clay
1804 Honour this Day Richard Bolitho
  HMS Surprise Jack Aubrey
  Ramage's Trial Lord Ramage
  Ramage's Challenge Lord Ramage
  Captain Justice Captain Justice
  The Pandora Secret Captain Justice
  Hellfire in Tripoli Stephen Decatur
  Against Cold Steel Stephen Decatur
  Decatur's Revenge Stephen Decatur 
  The Log of a Privateersman  
  Midshipman Quinn and Denise the Spy Septimus Quinn
  Diamond Rock  
  Admiralty Orders Oliver Quintrell
1805 Hornblower & the Crises Horatio Hornblower
  The Jamaican Affair of 1805  
  Battle of Trafalgar  
  Ramage at Trafalgar Lord Ramage
  "1805" Nathaniel Drinkwater
  The Far off Ships  
  Clay and the Immortal Memory Alexander Clay
  Bellerophon’s Champion: Pennywhistle at Trafalgar Pennywhistle Series
  Dead Reckoning Richard Delancey
  Battle Fleet Sam Witchall
  Quinn at Trafalgar Septimus Quinn
  The French Imposter The adventures of Lt. Nicholas Chenevix
  Dispatch from Cadiz The adventures of Lt. Nicholas Chenevix
  Victory Thomas Kydd
  Blood Brothers  
  This Wonderful Year  
1806 The Only Victor Richard Bolitho
  Hornblower & the Atropos Horatio Hornblower
  Ramage & the Saracens Lord Ramage
  The East Indiaman Percival Merewether
  The Blighted Cliffs The Reluctant Adventures of Martin Jerrold
  The Chains of Albion The Reluctant Adventures of Martin Jerrold
  Treason's River The Reluctant Adventures of Martin Jerrold
  The Arethusa: A Naval Story  
  Conquest Thomas Kydd
  Betrayal Thomas Kydd
1807 Ramage & the Dido Lord Ramage
  Baltic Mission Nathaniel Drinkwater
  In Distant Waters Nathaniel Drinkwater
  On the Company's Service Percival Merewether
  A Balance of Dangers Captain Justice
  In Pursuit of Glory Oliver Baldwin
1808 Beyond the Reef Richard Bolitho
  The Happy Return Horatio Hornblower
  Mauritius Command Jack Aubrey
  A Private Revenge Nathaniel Drinkwater
  For King & Company Percival Merewether
  The Baltic Prize Thomas Kydd
  The Iberian Flame Thomas Kydd
1809 Battle of Basque Roads  
  The Darkening Sea Richard Bolitho
  Under False Colours Nathaniel Drinkwater
  A Sea of Gold Thomas Kydd


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