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On this page I have set out the timeline (where it is given or can be established)  for the various books set during the period from 1780 to 1799

For context actual historic events have been added below in italics.

Year Book Series
1780 An Eye of the Fleet Nathaniel Drinkwater
  The King's Coat Alan Lewrie
1781 The French Admiral Alan Lewrie
  The Midshipman Prince Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series
1782 Battle of the Saintes  
  To Glory we Steer Richard Bolitho
  The King's Commission Alan Lewrie
1783 The King's Privateer Alan Lewrie
1784 Command a Kings Ship Richard Bolitho
  Tested by Fate  The Nelson and Emma Trilogy
  Dockyard Dog The Evan Ross Series
1786 The Gun Ketch Alan Lewrie
  HMS Expedient HMS Expedient
1787 Passage to Mutiny Richard Bolitho
  First Fleet Jack Vizzard
1788 Port Royal HMS Expedient
  The Steeple Rock Nathaniel Drinkwater 
1789 Mutiny on the Bounty  
  Barbary Coast HMS Expedient
  A Tainted Dawn The Great War (1792-1815)
1790 The Hawk HMS Expedient
  When Fortune Frowns William H. White
1791 The Gathering Storm HMS Expedient
1792 With all Despatch Richard Bolitho
  The Devils own Luck The Privateersman Mysteries
  Mr Midshipman Fury John Fury
  A Kings Cutter Nathaniel Drinkwater
  The Pursuit HMS Expedient
1793 Form Line of Battle Richard Bolitho
  Lieutenant Fury John Fury
  By the Mast Divided John Pearce
  A Shot rolling ship John Pearce
  An Awkward Commission John Pearce
  A Flag of Truce John Pearce
  The Admirals' Game John Pearce
  An Ill Wind John Pearce
  Kydd Thomas Kydd
  A Shred of Honour George Markham
  HMS Cockerel Alan Lewrie
  Fletcher's Fortune Jacob Fletcher
  The Time of Terror Nathan Peake
  Under Enemy Colours Maritime adventures of Charles Hayden
  A Battle Won Maritime adventures of Charles Hayden
1794 Glorious First of June  
  Enemy in Sight Richard Bolitho
  Mr. Midshipman Hornblower Horatio Hornblower
  The Dying Trade The Privateersman Mysteries
  Devil to Pay Richard Delancey
  A Hanging Matter The Privateersman Mysteries
  Artemis Thomas Kydd
  Honour Redeemed George Markham
  Honour be Damned George Markham
  A King's Commander Alan Lewrie
  The Antigallican Jean Cotterell
  Fletcher's Glorious First of June Jacob Fletcher
  The Tide of War Nathan Peake
1795 The Scent of Betrayal The Privateersman Mysteries
  The Seagull and Le Corsair Giles Courtenay
  Fletcher and the Mutineers Jacob Fletcher
1796 A Game of Bones The Privateersman Mysteries
  The Jackass Frigate Fighting Sail 
  Jester's Fortune Alan Lewrie
  Ramage Lord Ramage
  The Hand of Destiny Horatio Hornblower 
  The Winds of Folly Nathan Peake
  A Treacherous Coast David Donachie
  HMS Hazard John Pearce
1797 Battle of Cape St.Vincent  
  Battle of Camperdown  
  The Flag Captain Richard Bolitho
  Sea Road to Camperdown  
  Ramage & the Drum Beat Lord Ramage
  Ramage & the Freebooters Lord Ramage
  The Fireship Richard Delancey
  Mutiny Thomas Kydd
  Mutiny (aka HMS Defiant)  
  The Press Gang George Abercrombie Fox
  King's Captain Alan Lewrie
  Sea of Grey Alan Lewrie
  Mr Fitton & the Black Legion Michael Fitton
  Sails on the Horizon Charles Edgemont
  The Mutiny Run John Lawson
  True Colours Fighting Sail 
1798 Quarterdeck Thomas Kydd
  The Spoils of Conquest Nathan Peake
  A Man of No Country The Alexander Clay Series
  Battle of the Nile  
  Signal Close Action Richard Bolitho
  Governor Ramage R.N. Lord Ramage
  Ramage's Prize Lord Ramage
  A Brig of War Nathaniel Drinkwater
  Tenacious Thomas Kydd
  Prize Money George Abercrombie Fox
  Havoc's Sword Alan Lewrie
  Lieutenant Lamb Matthew Lamb
  Any Approaching Enemy Charles Edgemont
  The Temple Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series
  The Powder Monkey: A 1798 Story Donal Long
  Amazon at the Nile Giles Courtenay
  The Sailing Master Coming of Age
1799 Hornblower & the Widow McCool Horatio Hornblower
  Touch & Go Richard Delancey
  Siege George Abercrombie Fox
  Treasure George Abercrombie Fox
  Blood for Breakfast George Abercrombie Fox
  Court Martial George Abercrombie Fox
  Battle Smoke George Abercrombie Fox
  The Captain's Vengeance Alan Lewrie
  A King's Trade Alan Lewrie
  A Sword for Mr Fitton Michael Fitton
  No Quarter Matty Graves
  Acre Sir Sidney Smith Nautical Adventure Series
  The Wing-and-Wing: Or Le Feu-Follet  
  Breaking the Line The Nelson and Emma Trilogy
  A Sea Unto Itself Charles Edgemont
  HMS Pegasus Giles Courtenay


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